Friday, October 15, 2010


Bride and Groom

Beauty 10 Expo berlangsung pada 18-19 September 2010 bertempat di Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, bersebelahan Suria KLCC. Pelbagai aktiviti yang berkaitan dgn "beauty"dijalankan bersempena expo ini. My part was to be a model for the body painting show by HD Make up Asia.

It's so amazing to be a part of the show because i've got the oppurtunity not just to mingle around the models but also get to see the creativity of the artiste, on how they paint the models' body and face. The show itself didn't take so long but the process was a bit difficult. We need to be there as early as 9am even the show only started at 3pm. But hey i don't complaint! haha...

Charector saya adalah sebagai pasangan pengantin Lelaki, so my body getting painted to mimmick the suit. Untuk pengantin perempuan pulak, adalah seumpama gaun pengantin berwarna putih... u can check out the photos.