Monday, March 19, 2012


Men's Fashion Runway is first of its kind to be held in Malaysia. To all Men's fashion lover, get ready to be patronized by some amazing designers who will colour the show by showing their talent and creativity. So many dazzling talents are to be expected on this show such as Salikin Sideq one of Malaysia's finest Songket designer, Kos Serani an uprising young designer, Jen Su funky designer from singapore and so many more. This historical event is going to happen on 1st April 2012. Tickets are available to those who interested to come and enjoy the show. More informations are available at Men's Fashion Runway 2012. Come and join us!

The preview show took place on 21st February 2012 in Hard Rock, KL introducing all the designers and also some of the models who'll involved in the upcoming show.


Nak jadi model ni, kena la versatile sikit. In my opinion one of the key to be successful as a model is.. you cannot be shy to pose in public! We always need to remember that photoshoot sessions can take place anywhere the client want it to be. This time, suit with the concept of "street fashion" the photoshoot location was on a real outdoor street.

But I gotta be honest, at first memang I was a little uncomfortable to pose in this task. Felt a little awkward, thinking that everyone's looking at me. Can u just imagine, the photoshoot session was just in the middle of the chaotic and busy area, Bukit Bintang. Luckily, there were other models too, so I tak syok sendiri la posing in the middle of the public. hehehe. While posing, the public were walking around and we were posing like nobody's business. Some of them(tourist i guess) took our pictures while we were posing for the photographer. haha.. It kinda cool too. Feeling celebrity la konon2. Hahaha Anyway Thanks to Eyoi's make up team, the photographer Mr Azlan & Designer Kos Serani.


Last time photoshoot utk majalah pengantin ni, saya hanya posing sorang2 kat tengah-tengah padang masa matahari plak tegak kat kepala. Berbeza pula untuk kali ni fotoshoot berkonsepkan percutian bulan madu.. Jadi, bila sebut bulan madu tu mestilah berpasangan kan? takkan la pulak bulan madu sorang2. hahaha.. Model wanitanya adalah seorang model yang agak kerap juga la keluar masuk majalah karangkraf ni, Nadia Bachtiar. This is my first time photoshoot as a couple dengan dia, tapi sebelum ni dah pernah buat fashion runway few times together.. So nak cari keserasian masa fotoshoot tu tak jadi masalah la.. Bila photographer kata "posing bagi mesra sikit".. terus kami posing tersangat mesra.. panas.. hehehe.. kidding. Tapi hakikatnya nak jadi model ni kena gamble sikit la.. tak boleh la nak malu2 sangat kan.. yang penting hasil gamba tu memuaskan photographer dan juga editor.

Selepas session photoshoot as a couple, there's also another session just for men's wear. So tetap ada juga la saya posing sorang2. Generally semua berpuas hati sebab photoshoot session berjalan dengan lancar. Oklah.. kat sini I preview some of the pictures je. Kalau nak tengok hasil keseluruhan photoshoot kitorang yang agak panas dan manja tu, boleh la dapatkan majalah PESONA PENGANTIN keluaran Febuari 2012.

Friday, March 16, 2012


The judges:Shaun Salim, me and Kos each represent model agent, model and designer

There are so many new adventures happening in my life, particularly in my modeling career lately among the reasons that drive me to be more successful and to embrace my talent. Appointed by the organizer as one of the judges for a talent contest, EYOI ARTISTIC COMMERCIAL MODEL SEARCH is an honour for me and my experiences. Since me, myself been entered few modeling competitions before, made me confidence enough to accept the offer to be one of the judges. It was a different kind of feeling but fun to watch some new talents striking their pose on stage, I can feel how nervous and excited they were. I'd been there before. :)

Showing the talents on how to walk on runway

Hot discussion while selecting the winners

Contestants, male and female

Date: 5th Feb 2012
Location: Hotel D'Palma Ampang
Photographer: Blackpepper Production

Congratulation to all the winners!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The article wrote about the iStyle KLIA fashion event that went on end of year 2011 and featured me as the main model on the article. Thanks to the editor.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


For the 1st time in my modeling career officially being honoured to be the catwalk choreographer for a fashion show. The show actually happened right on the midnight of New Year 2012 in Shangria Island Restaurant & Bar, Jalan P Ramlee. So basically my career in new year 2012 started well with new experiences and advantures, turned to another page and level in modeling. It feels great. Unfortunately the fashion show is a little too sexy for public viewing. lol. But I still prefer sharing the chaotic madness happening at the backstage. Enjoy. :)

While briefing all the models about the choreography

With model for the show Syed and the designer Kos Serani

Having discussion with the Designer

Make up artist and hairstylist on the move..

Photos credit to Blackpepper Production as an offial photographer for the event.