Monday, March 19, 2012


Nak jadi model ni, kena la versatile sikit. In my opinion one of the key to be successful as a model is.. you cannot be shy to pose in public! We always need to remember that photoshoot sessions can take place anywhere the client want it to be. This time, suit with the concept of "street fashion" the photoshoot location was on a real outdoor street.

But I gotta be honest, at first memang I was a little uncomfortable to pose in this task. Felt a little awkward, thinking that everyone's looking at me. Can u just imagine, the photoshoot session was just in the middle of the chaotic and busy area, Bukit Bintang. Luckily, there were other models too, so I tak syok sendiri la posing in the middle of the public. hehehe. While posing, the public were walking around and we were posing like nobody's business. Some of them(tourist i guess) took our pictures while we were posing for the photographer. haha.. It kinda cool too. Feeling celebrity la konon2. Hahaha Anyway Thanks to Eyoi's make up team, the photographer Mr Azlan & Designer Kos Serani.

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