Saturday, December 4, 2010

My First Attempt At VIDEO SHOOTING

This time is really a different kind of experience for me.... It's another junction in modeling that i haven't done before. It's my first time...feels like a virgin. Haha! Of course when we talk about first time, you'll have so many kind of different feelings at the same time and have no idea what to expect at first. But luckily it went well...

I got involved for 2 distinct video shootings in the same week. First one
was a video shooting for video music of a new singer called NAJWA, the song title: Got to go. And the next one was a video corporate for internal used of Honda. Even though my part was very small but now i know how it feels like to be an actor... damn tiring but FUN! A lot of time waiting... and repeating the same thing again and again... Big salutes to all actors who made it out there.

Talents while waiting....

Second from left ANTO the agent