Wednesday, January 4, 2012

MASIF (Music, Arts, Style International Festival) 2011

(Photo: Thanks to Blackpepper Production)

In year 2011, MASIF conducted its 2nd year celebration of Music, Arts, Style located at the centre of the Kuala Lumpur City, KLCC. The whole concept of MASIF is to bring together all these elements and artiste (musicians, fashion designers, models, singers etc.) in one huge carnival. The festival when on for 3 days, from 15-17 Sept 2011, with full of activities and shows including fashion shows, singing, dance shows and so much more.

Kos Serani came out with his daring leather jacket collections under his boutique Kose Design & Collections. Well known with his out-of-box ideas, all 3 male models of him (which including me of course, haha..) came out with 3 different & unique styles, definitely catched the audience attentions.

p/s: Only got a chance to update my blog after long busy period... Nway I think It's not too late to wish everyone Happy New Year 2012!

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